Shorthaired cat € 8.50
Longhaired cat € 8.90


Daycare (dogs only) € 7.85

Small dog € 13.50

Small dog longhaired € 14.10

Medium sized dog € 14.10

Medium sized dog longhaired € 14.60

Large dog € 14.60

Big dog longhaired € 15.15

Very big dog € 15.15

Very big dog longhaired € 16.65

Extra large dog € 15.65

Extra large dog longhaired € 16.15

Peak season

At certain times (peak season, July and August) and holidays, the prices are higher. Please inquire for current rates.

What our clients say

  • On behalf of my owners and myself, it was a delightful experience. This Cat Hotel is certainly worthy of 5 stars, a beautiful space with outdoor area, especially good for tough rascals like me. And I can absolutely judge it, as I am a regular here. Greetings from Puma.
  • Rocky has stayed here again two weeks and has liked a lot! Nice cool spaces and being well cared for. We've been coming for years to Els and her colleagues. Super satisfied. Keep it up. P.S. We also buy our dog food at the kennel, and our dog likes it.
    Sergio de Groot