Daycare Dog

Daycare Dog


If you work during the day or are in need of a dog sitter for one day, you may use our daycare. Your dog gets a lot of attention, is walked and can have fun with other dogs.

From 8:00 am onwards you may bring your dog and should pick him before 19:00. If your dog stays the night, it is not day care! At day care, we assume that your dog has already had breakfast and that he is fed in the evening at home. For younger dogs who still need more food, you may leave their food with us. Also if necessary, medication may be given.

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What our clients say

  • Real care! Your cat is well, but above all really, cared for here, more than just feeding. Our Bengal got the attention that he naturally needs. During our holiday on Facebook we saw photos and videos of a very satisfied Boef!
    Familie Sluijsma
  • Total unburdening the owner and care for the dog. With great confidence we bring our dog twice a week, and sometimes a little more often to Dierenhotel Abdissenbosch. The dog also goes to the hotel for the holiday weeks. He comes back cheerful and good, healthy looking every time. He is just as happy to go to the animal hotel, because every time we bring him, it takes him too long before he can enter. Kelly, Landgraaf