Max most popular dogname

Max currently is the most popular dogname now, but we have always had a lot of Maxs in the Animal Kennel.

Whether it is related to the resounding success of Formula 1 driver Max Verstappen, is not clear, but one thing is for sure, Max is currently the most popular dogname. For cats the most chosen name is Simba..

Proteq Dier & Zorg, the largest pet insurer in the Netherlands, produce yearly research on the popularity of pet names. Max has always been in the top 5, but had not been number 1 since 2011. Now, since 5 years, he is back!

No more tigers
It seems that the trend of Tiger for cats is over. Last year, the decline was already there, and this year Tiger has disappeared from the top five. In 2008, Simba was already first and has never been out of the top five.


1. Max (2)
2. Pip (-)
3. Bella (-)
4. Diesel (5)
5. Lola (-)


1. Simba (2)
2. Tommy (4)
3. Boris (-)
4. Max (-)
5. Gizmo (-)


What our clients say

  • On behalf of my owners and myself, it was a delightful experience. This Cat Hotel is certainly worthy of 5 stars, a beautiful space with outdoor area, especially good for tough rascals like me. And I can absolutely judge it, as I am a regular here. Greetings from Puma.
  • Rocky has stayed here again two weeks and has liked a lot! Nice cool spaces and being well cared for. We've been coming for years to Els and her colleagues. Super satisfied. Keep it up. P.S. We also buy our dog food at the kennel, and our dog likes it.
    Sergio de Groot