Max most popular dogname

Max currently is the most popular dogname now, but we have always had a lot of Maxs in the Animal Kennel.

Whether it is related to the resounding success of Formula 1 driver Max Verstappen, is not clear, but one thing is for sure, Max is currently the most popular dogname. For cats the most chosen name is Simba..

Proteq Dier & Zorg, the largest pet insurer in the Netherlands, produce yearly research on the popularity of pet names. Max has always been in the top 5, but had not been number 1 since 2011. Now, since 5 years, he is back!

No more tigers
It seems that the trend of Tiger for cats is over. Last year, the decline was already there, and this year Tiger has disappeared from the top five. In 2008, Simba was already first and has never been out of the top five.


1. Max (2)
2. Pip (-)
3. Bella (-)
4. Diesel (5)
5. Lola (-)


1. Simba (2)
2. Tommy (4)
3. Boris (-)
4. Max (-)
5. Gizmo (-)


What our clients say

  • Real care! Your cat is well, but above all really, cared for here, more than just feeding. Our Bengal got the attention that he naturally needs. During our holiday on Facebook we saw photos and videos of a very satisfied Boef!
    Familie Sluijsma
  • Total unburdening the owner and care for the dog. With great confidence we bring our dog twice a week, and sometimes a little more often to Dierenhotel Abdissenbosch. The dog also goes to the hotel for the holiday weeks. He comes back cheerful and good, healthy looking every time. He is just as happy to go to the animal hotel, because every time we bring him, it takes him too long before he can enter. Kelly, Landgraaf