Animal Kennel Abdissenbosch

Animal Kennel Abdissenbosch

Since 40 years, Animal Kennel Abdissenbosch in Landgraaf is a reliable kennel for dogs and cats. Personal attention for your dog or cat is our priority. Every day we have a couple of contact moments with your pet. The dogs are called by their name, are taken by our employees to outdoor retreat and are brushed, if necessary. If your dog stays for longer than 5 days with us, he is washed for free as an additional service.

Cats stay together in a large in- and outdoor stay with a tree, scratching posts, sun beds and plenty of cat toys. This way they can play outside if the weather allows it. Purebred cats are also welcome and if brought tangle-free, will also be taken care of in order to insure to return them in the same state.


We are affiliated with Dibevo: the trade association for enterprising pet-specialists and bear the Dierbaar-tradmark. A Dierbaar-certified company has proven to have the legally required basic knowlede of pets in house. But it does not stop there, the trademark also indicates that our knowledge goes far beyond the legal requirements. We have specialised knowledge of different animal groups, we know all about quality housing and nutrition, and we are able to provide sound veterinary advice on medication. Moreover, as Dierbaar-certified company we always have a steady relationship with a veterinarian to ensure the health of your pets.

Annual inspection

Every year a Dierbaar-inspector will check whether we still meet all requirements. The inspector checks if we stick to working protocols that guarantee animals receiving proper care. He looks at whether the animal housing is in order and the state of cleanliness in our kennel, this way long checklist is verified.

What our clients say

  • On behalf of my owners and myself, it was a delightful experience. This Cat Hotel is certainly worthy of 5 stars, a beautiful space with outdoor area, especially good for tough rascals like me. And I can absolutely judge it, as I am a regular here. Greetings from Puma.
  • Rocky has stayed here again two weeks and has liked a lot! Nice cool spaces and being well cared for. We've been coming for years to Els and her colleagues. Super satisfied. Keep it up. P.S. We also buy our dog food at the kennel, and our dog likes it.
    Sergio de Groot