House Rules

On our kennel, the general legal conditions for boarding by the Association of National Organization Dibevo apply. The terms and conditions may be found on our website, while also available at the desk. In addition to the general conditions applicable to all Dibevo kennels, we apply the following additional conditions for our kennel:


1. The kennel is open for dropping off, picking up and visits from Monday until Saturday from 8:00 to 12:00 and from 16:00 to 19:00. We are closed on Sundays and holidays, you may not come and see the kennel, nor may drop off or bring by pets. In peak season visits are not possible, as we need all our time to take care of our guests (your pet).

2. Each dog or cat is required to have an adequate flea treatment valid during the complete stay in the hotel.

3. Vaccinations of your dog or cat should be valid. Also, bring along the vaccination booklet, as we may receive inspection during your pet's stay.

4. Using the "otherwise agreed 'in Article 7 of the general conditions, the set price for the reserved days has to be settled no later than 14 days before bringing your pet.

5. Within 14 days after reservation a down payment of € 25.00 for cats and € 50.00 for dogs must be settled. The deposit may be paid via bank transfer or by card at the counter of the kennel. If the time between the date of booking and the date on which the reservation runs is shorter than 14 days, no deposit needs to be made, instead the full pension rate is payable at time of booking. You may cancel free of charge within seven days of reservation, after this period charges will remain.

6. If your pet is picked up before 9:00 am, pick-up day is not added to the pension rate. However, this must be mentioned upon booking.

7. Charges will not be decreased if your pet is pickup earlier than the agreed on date.

8. We are not liable for the loss of brought items. It your responsibility to bring pet toys.

9. We have our own crates and food, and water bowls for your pet. Therefore own crates and the like are not permitted, unless required for medical reasons.

10. For long-haired dogs or cats € 0.50 additional counted in charges (grooming).

11. There are new international passports available, Ask your vet upon the next vaccinations! Concerning the mandatory vaccinations, the following legal provisions apply: Vaccinations should not be older than one year. In order for them to work well they cannot be older than 1 month before your pet's stay. Kennel cough treatment "Nobivac KC" may even be given up to 3 days before arrival. For dogs a cocktail (yearly for large dogs and every 2 years for small dogs) and a shot for kennel cough (the Nobivac KC is only valid for 1 year) should be given. For cats a cocktail (Toxoplasmosis, Parvovirusand and cat flu) + "Nobivac" Bb should be given.

12. Perhaps unnecessarily, but: It is important that your dog is social and pleasant to humans and to other dogs. Aggressive dogs will be denied.

What our clients say

  • On behalf of my owners and myself, it was a delightful experience. This Cat Hotel is certainly worthy of 5 stars, a beautiful space with outdoor area, especially good for tough rascals like me. And I can absolutely judge it, as I am a regular here. Greetings from Puma.
  • Rocky has stayed here again two weeks and has liked a lot! Nice cool spaces and being well cared for. We've been coming for years to Els and her colleagues. Super satisfied. Keep it up. P.S. We also buy our dog food at the kennel, and our dog likes it.
    Sergio de Groot