Buitenren schoonspuiten

Net voor de herfstvakantie heeft Mandy de buitenrennen met een hogedrukspuit schoongespoten. Dat doen we regelmatig en zeker na een vochtige periode, om te voorkomen dat de vloeren groen uitslaan.

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Warm car

Nice and beautiful, but also very warm day. Therefore, this tip if you think that a dog (but also children) can stay in the car for a little while, when stationary.
DO NOT DO IT!!!! Because the consequences may be serious or even fatal.

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Max most popular dogname

Max currently is the most popular dogname now, but we have always had a lot of Maxs in the Animal Kennel.

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Animal Kennel Abdissenbosch exists 40 years!

We want to celebrate this joyous occasion with you on Friday 25th and Saturday 26th November 2016. From 12:00 to 16:00 hours you are welcome to raise a glass with us and eat our homemade cupcake. In the coming week you can toast with us during regular business hours.

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Playing with your dog

Playing with the dog is not only fun, it strengthens your bond with your pet, decreases problematic behaviour and ensures that the dog stays fit, both physically and mentally.

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On holidays during Christmas?

The Christmas holidays are coming up. Going on holidays and looking for a kennel? Reserve than a spot at the animal kennel Abdissenbosch. Want to have a look first? Come by or have a look at our video.

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What our clients say

  • On behalf of my owners and myself, it was a delightful experience. This Cat Hotel is certainly worthy of 5 stars, a beautiful space with outdoor area, especially good for tough rascals like me. And I can absolutely judge it, as I am a regular here. Greetings from Puma.
  • Rocky has stayed here again two weeks and has liked a lot! Nice cool spaces and being well cared for. We've been coming for years to Els and her colleagues. Super satisfied. Keep it up. P.S. We also buy our dog food at the kennel, and our dog likes it.
    Sergio de Groot