The Dog Kennel

Dog Kennel

Our dog kennel is divided into several areas with 8 to 10 kennels, this provides the dogs with more rest compared to sharing one big space. All rooms are heated on cold days and remain cool during summer. We divide the dogs according to size and age. In the kennel your dog usually stays in its own space, however, during peak times dogs are placed together sometimes. Of course, this is always discussed with you upon arrival and we will look for a good match between the dogs. After all, not all dogs get along well with each other. Usually, we place our regulars (dogs that stay every holiday) who already know each other, together. When dogs are brought together, they remain together.


Walks are scheduled according the room your dog is staying in, that way, not too many dogs go outside at once. We have no locks system, an employee always accompanies the dogs in- and outside. All dogs are called by name. Names of our guests are listed on the door of the room in question. This way we have contact with the dogs and they quickly feel at home with us. After 40 years of experience, we can easily tell which dogs may go outside together. For young dogs we look for a playmate and for seniors we look for a companion. We have regular walk times, usually corresponding to the home situation. This keeps your dog in his rhythm and prevents him doing his needs at home at random times. Depending on weather conditions the dogs stay outside for a shorter or longer period.


Your dog will be brushed during his stay. Furthermore, a dog staying with us longer for more than five days, receive a free wash, as an additional service.

Onze klanten vertellen

  • Namens de baasjes en ik zelf natuurlijk ,krijg jij een dikke 10. Dit dierenhotel is zeker voor katten 5 sterren waard, prachtige ruimte met buitenverblijf, zeker voor stoere rakkers als ik. En ik kan het echt beoordelen, want ik verblijf hier regelmatig. Groetjes van Poema.
  • Rocky is hier weer 2 weken wezen logeren en heeft het hier goed naar zijn zin. Lekker koel en goed verzorgd. We komen al jaren bij Els en haar collega's. Super tevreden. Ga zo door. P.s. wij kopen ook al jaren het voer bij het dierenhotel onze hond doet daar goed op.
    Sergio de Groot